Thanks to Lluis Fernandes with his unique personal collections, from 28th November to 2nd March 2014, the Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad (MuVIM) showcased artefacts of some of the biggest names in pop music from over the past 50 years in its exhibition of “Ídolos Pop” or in English is “Pop Idols”. Pop Idols presents the golden age of pop music from 1954 to 1994. The focus was on different cultural youth movements rooted in music.

This exhibition was divided into three main parts. In the entrance hall there was ‘’The Magic Cube of the Discotheque’’ complete with the disco balls and colourful  lights and floor tile lighting, it looked like a typical seventies-style disco. The outside of the cube was decorated  by a vast selection of record covers  that reflect the revolution brought about by dance music and discotheques.


The second part was the Alfons Roig Room entitled “From Bruno Lomas to Nino Bravo”. This part provided a general history of youth culture in relation to pop and rock music during the 1950s and 60s which began with Elvis Presley making headlines with his take on Rock n Roll music until the The Beatles phenomenon. Also featured were other influential artists such as Johnny Hallyday, David Bowie and Queen in the early 70s. Not only were international idols paid tribute to, this part also showed us about Spanish idols during that time such as Nino Bravo, Duo Dinamico, Miguel Ros and many more who dominated the Spanish charts in the early sixties and seventies.


  DSCN7833 DSCN7811

DSCN7824  DSCN7844  DSCN7859


The third part called The Bakalao Route transformed the large space into a blend of some of Valencia’s most famous dance music clubs such as Barraca, Spook, Espiral, Puzzle and Publico. Tributes were paid to renowned Spanish Disc Jockey Chimo Bayo who has recorded and sold millions of discs all over the world. In this part we can see how the postmodern discotheques looked at that time.


This exhibition consists of about a thousand album covers, posters and an eclectic mix of other items, collectables and merchandise. It covered the history and the evolution of youth subcultures through album covers and record players which were displayed throughout. Other major movements including Glam Rock, Punk and the New Wave from Britain were documented from their origins and looked at from both an international and a local perspective.

DSCN7862  DSCN7894   DSCN7876


DSCN7904  DSCN7896


DSCN7814  DSCN7889

DSCN7910 DSCN7793

DSCN7860  DSCN7901




Terima kasih untuk Lluis Fernandez atas koleksi uniknya, pada tanggal 28 November hingga 2 Maret di Museo Valenciano de la Ilustracion y la Modernidad (MuVIM) sebuah pameran menghadirkan artefak dari beberapa nama besar di dunia musik pop lebih dari 50 tahun yang lalu. Pameran ini bernama “Idolos Pop” atau dalam bahasa Inggrisnya adalah “Pop Idols”. Pameran ini berfokus pada beragam cultural youth movements yang berakar pada musik. Kata “Musik pop” disini lebih mengarah pada segala macam musik yang populer pada saat itu.

Pameran tersebut dibagi menjadi 3 bagian. Di ruangan pertama setelah pintu masuk terdapat ‘’The Magic Cube of the Discotheque’’ atau sebuah ruangan kotak lengkap dengan lampu disko dan lampu warna warni persis seperti tempat disko tahun 70an. Di luar ruangan kotak itu, temboknya penuh dengan beragam record covers yang merefleksikan revolusi terhadap dance music dan diskotik.

Bagian ketiga bernama The Bakalao Route yang merupakan transformasi dari beberapa tempat dansa atau club yang terkenal di Valencia seperti Barraca, Spook, Espiral, Puzzle and Publico. Di bagian ini banyak menunjukkan tentang DJ terkenal dari Spanyol yang bernama Chimo Bayo. Di ruangan ini kita juga bisa melihat contoh dari diskotik postmodern pada jaman itu.

Pameran ini terdiri dari kurang lebih ribuan cover album, poster, dan beberapa macam obyek, instalasi, serta merchandise yang bercerita tentang sejarah dan evolusi dari youth subcultures berdasarkan cover album dan piringan hitam yang dipamerkan. Pergerakan musik lainnya seperti Glam Rock, Psycedelic, Punk dan New Wave dari Inggris juga terdokumentasi berdasarkan asal usulnya serta dilihat dari perspektif internasional maupun lokal.

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From 28 November to 2 March 2014, the Museo Valenciano de la Ilustración y la Modernidad (MuVIM) will present some of the biggest names in pop music from over the past 50 years in its exhibition of ‘Ídolos Pop’ – See more at: http://www.realitysense.com/valencia-muvim-exhibition-pop-techno-music/#sthash.YTWBVTHz.dpuf
his unique personal collection
Lluis Fernández
Lluis Fernández

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